Glacier Custom Homes Acquisition FAQs

  1. Why was Glacier acquired by HCP?  Horton Capital Properties is always looking for ways to improve and expand its holdings. With acquiring Glacier Custom Homes, we were able to capitalize not only on their assets but also on the talent that comes with it. Former owner, Todd Miller, will now be running our Texas operations, and we are confident great things are to come for both of our brands.
  1. Will the brand Glacier Custom Homes go away?  Right now, we will continue to build our custom product under the Glacier brand name. The Glacier Homes website will remain active so you can see where we are building. We will have some communities that will change their name to Kindred Homes, but you can expect the same excellent quality of home.
  1. How does the name change affect me, a potential buyer?  We hope you decide to take that next step with us! We are confident that this acquisition will only bring positive changes and shouldn’t affect your decision.
  1. How does the name change affect me, a current homebuyer? You are instantly a Horton Capital Properties family member. Your current contract, closing date, and warranty will not be affected by the name change.
  1. As a current homeowner, how does this change affect my new home warranty? It doesn’t. You will continue to receive all of the same benefits of the builder, structural, and manufacturer warranties provided when you purchased your new home.  

We at HCP are genuinely excited about the acquisition of Glacier Custom Homes. We want you to be just as enthusiastic about it as we are. As always, you can reach out to any of our team members and ask more questions.

Thank you for choosing the HCP Family!